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“The place to be in The Galapagos”
Sunny California
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“Kayaking in Ecuador”
“Sea Lions stole the show”
Gold Coast Australia
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Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz Island

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Galapagos Diving

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“No better place to stay on Isabela”
Cody, Wyoming
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See giant tortoises up close

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Our waterfront lodge on Santa Cruz Island


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Golf in Quito.

As a golfer you will always want to play in every place you are just because of how passionate is this sport or just to tell your friends that you have played in this country or in some special course your friends or golf partners haven’t played. Come with us and enjoy golf in Ecuador. ... [Read more]


Come and discover our new kayaking tours in Ecuador, as a perfect extension for your Galapagos Trip Red Mangrove know you love adventure and kayaking in Ecuador is an unforgettable experience that you must do on your way to the Galapagos, Continental Ecuador has a lot of places you are able to kayak and ... [Read more]